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Default I hate GameStop

But I still shop there when I need something.

I hate them because they rarely answer phone calls; if you go into the store, their phones ring for long periods of time & the employees just stand around, acting like they can't hear the ringing.
If you call and ask for something that they need to check up on, they put you on hold for 5+ minutes. I know the assholes aren't really looking up the answer to my question.

And if you go in the store and ask a question, you quickly realize they very rarely have any useful information about games. Most of the time, the answer to every game related question is "Yeah, I loved that game." It could be any piece of shit game & they'll give you the same bullshit answer. It's as though they're told they can't answer a question in any other way.
"Would you recommend buying 'Hannah Montana Strikes Back: A Game of Learning How to Deal with Teen Drama' to play online with my boys?"
"Yeah, I loved that game!"

Their lines become ridiculously long, and they just work slowly as f*ck.
Sometimes I think the employees are mad at the world because they hate their own jobs, but I just don't understand the logic behind it. F*cking stupid really.

They don't give fair prices for trade-ins. I don't trade-in games anymore and it's all because it's a ripoff. You're getting screwed. I get that they need to make a profit, but you're telling me that a $60 game is now worth $20 just a few weeks after its release?

They charge more for the same product elsewhere. I bought a PS3 controller from them for $60, went to WalMart later and saw it was $50 there. Yeah, $10 is a big difference when it comes to videogame products.

I want to stop supporting them, but my only other option is WalMart/Target, which don't sell used games, or downloading games off the PSN, which takes countless hours on end and uses up extremely large amounts of MB in my hard drive.

Am I just overreacting to shitty service? Do you guys experience the same things with GameStop? I have experienced this at more than one GameStop. They have the slowest, shittiest service I've ever experienced ANYWHERE.
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