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Default Re: the world, america, and black people

Originally Posted by Dresta
The United States is an immigrant society. I suggest you either embrace that, or leave. OP is just a tiresome tiresome provincialist.

No one cares.

you haven't been following...the whole point is having the option to leave to a place that is still your home. duh the US is a collection of immigrants, hence the very proof that no one can call this home (outside of the ruling race i suppose, but even then, a lot of that rule is rooted in where these people came from), because it is simply a world trading posts, hence why they let just about everyone come here. there are no immigration issues in the US; there's no difficulty keeping anyone in or getting anyone out. this government knows exactly what its doing, and knows as a world market, it must always go for the money, which means not turning away potential consumers.

i know a bunch of you are labeling me an idiot or crazy, but how can acknowledge a fact like 'black people (in america)' do not have a true homeland (when you consider that this country will never ever move on from slavery, jim crow, the klan, domestic terrorism on black cities), and me wanting us to stop all this silly bs of acting ignorant on tv, supporting BET at all. we look like the ****in clowns of the world and its not completely warranted, or at least the image always wasn't, but lately (last couple decades) we've been playing the role as the ignortainment a bit too willingly while singing kumbayah like just about every other race on this planet wouldn't be happy to see us gone. no matter how deep the roots go to show how much we've contributed; we need our own land. not to oppose anyone else, just so we can contribute without a dark shadow of past raped by racism, torture, and horror. but i'm the crazy idiot...
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