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Default Re: the world, america, and black people

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
Very interesting, some of the things you're touching on. Would you mind sharing a little more on the topic on African Americans vs Black Americans? Are you saying Black Americans are the offspring of the original slaves, while African Americans are simply Blacks who have either migrated to America from Africa or had children born in America, with no cross breeding from black Americans? Kind of like a purist thing?

i simply am referring to there being a clear difference between black americans and africans (who have more recent roots in Africa - Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc). there is a complete difference in culture and even they don't look at black americans as the same as them. they don't lack the same family/cultural values..

the state of black americans in this country makes total sense. why we're all out of wack and appear to be without any foundation. its a race rooted in rape and having a servants mentality. a people without forefathers and a motherland; a bastard race. when you see us in the media, or even just around, we reflect this in many ways. still no fathers, no land to call our own (white people will never ever share it; we're barely 7% of the population but are treated like we're 100% of what's wrong with the country).

but yeah, i'm the crazy fella for wanting my people to realize the reality of today and start pulling ourselves up, helping each other up. america is not a bad place, it is what it is, world wal mart, and its very easy (at least now) to make something of yourself here, but you do need a foundation. right now, the black american is lost and i do fear eventually we can get lost in history altogether. we seem to be the only race whose numbers are shrinking. mexicans are killing each other just as fast us (trying to find their identity as well, another race with identity issues) yet they are growing consistently. not a good sign to shrink.
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