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Default Re: sure hope the US don't get involved in syria

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
We never should have said using chemical weapons was a red line. Everybody knew we didnt want to get involved. It just made us look bad.

From a humanitarian point of view and being head of probably the most powerful country, I think it was the right thing to say and message to send. My only beef is, much like this administrations history, it's empty talk. For instance, should have never said we were going to close G-Bay if it's never going to happen, etc. We have a president who's constantly in campaign-mode but really he's just a corporate puppet anyways. None the less, it's important to maintain some humanitarian standard, even if we're dragged into the mess. I'm sure it's not simple decision, and there's more politics, formalities, and bureaucratic BS than that.
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