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Default Re: the world, america, and black people

we have an african president with a white mother. he may as well be mexican.

alot of that patriotism is idiocracy. not even our elected representatives represent us, so how the hell can this be a country if you really have no say. the masses are just too ignorant to realize how little they matter to the powers that be outside of being milked and used in whatever agendas they want to get across.

i'm not going to dive into racism much, because to me is pretty evident it is alive and well. is someone calling me ****** and picking on me? no, but there forever remains a negative stigma attached to being a black american, and the world will not let that go. in other parts of the world they just believe what they see on tv, in the US any negative action by a black person is somehow representative of the other 99.99% of the race. i never see the kind of outcry to lock up and dispose of an entire group of people for non-black people in america when a non-black person does something criminal. this is the easiest evidence of a state on edge, and all it takes is one thing to get the idea rolling that maybe the problem is their presence. another civil war is not unlikely, except we're grossly outnumbered.

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