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Originally Posted by Rose
Some of the ones here are horrible and very similar to yours. However if I'm going to shop at one (which I rarely do) I always go to this one where the employees actually give a ****, it's out of my way a bit but usually worth it. I always get good recommendations, in depth reviews, and one of their guys even gave me their paid membership free because we talked for about 30 minutes one day.

With that said, gamestop is a horrible place. You get ripped off for your games, typically the place smells bad, and they always badger you about buying a used version of a title if you bring them a copy of a new one. Don't get me wrong I like saving money, but there's certain studios I'm always going to support regardless of if it saves me a few bucks. I remember when I bought Fall of Cybertron about a week after it came out the guy asked me if I wanted to buy a used version. I said no "But it'll save you $4 off buying it new man, that's almost tax free basically" I told him I didn't care because I liked HMS more than gamestop. And he told me but you like your wallet right?

tl;dr: always use craigslist for selling your games. You almost always get more. Occasionally I trade in on Amazon but that's it.
Doesnt matter since I dont buy there but the my local one is in the mall and just down from Subway and another sandwich shop. The smells from there reaches to Gamestop so it always smells really good lol.
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