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Default "Willds09 Presents:" Debut 8/26 1am eastern

Im sorry for tha big delay folkz, this series will debut Saturday 8/31 12am eastern.

Every episode will have 4 parts to it every monday. PM me if you want to be a part of making this historical series.

Episode 1-part1: Introduction, Free-for-all discussion about ISH and NBA, what do we like about them, hate about them, and what do ISH and NBA need to to do to get better.

Episode 1-part2: "Tuna 101"(big heated discussion about puhcee, how to get it, what makes us so addicted to it, and tha dangers of it )

Episode 1-part3: "Tha Rap Game today" (discussion everything thats right and wrong with rap today including kendrick lamar's overrated ass verse that has several reactions and responses , and how it can get better and what we miss about tha golden era of rap)

Episode 1-part4: "Kobe vs Lebron debate" (anybody that reps kobe can challenge anybody that reps Lebron)
grab a big ass bowl of popcorn and enjoy bitchez
only on OTC ISH.

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