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Default Re: Deep Sleeper NBA Draft Pick: James Ennis

Originally Posted by HarryCallahan
Didn't that league almost fold a few years ago?

It wouldn't really be of great advantage to the NBA, but would help world basketball a lot. Australia produces a lot of good players for a country that doesn't really play the sport; Lauren Jackson, Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, Dante Exum(too young I know), Matthew Dellevedova (who was the highest BBIQ player in college ball, and should land a spot on the Cavs roster over Chris Quinn). The list goes on...

Yeah it did but I think there will always be a place for it, but yeah Australia produces a lot of quality European level players with the odd guy making the NBA, there's also the likes of Ingles, Jawai, Nielsen, David Anderson, Dave Barlow, Brad Newley, Mark Worthington amongst others.

But a injection of guys who they can promote as "former NBA" players could boost sales imo in the local league.
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