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Default Re: Ben Affleck Is The New Batman

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
Bane/Talia knew through Ras.. Robin finding out by a look was dumb. Commissioner Gordon found out (was told by Bats) at the waaaaaay end, doesn't count.

Twist it whichever way you want, the fact is every major character in Rises knew Batman's 'secret' identity yet he insisted on using the throat cancer patient voice with them. Made absolutely no sense. He wasn't trying to hide his 'secret' identity. He was just Bale being Bale- a ham.

Apparently Affleck is signed for MULTIPLE Batman movies beyond Superman/Batman. Are they hoping he is going to be their Robert Downey Jr and finally hep them compete with Marvel? I see this exploding in their face rather spectacularly.

As I've said several times in this thread- WB was wooing him a few years ago to direct the Justice League movie before the writers' strike. They even offered him a Daredevil reboot where he would star and direct. I think they will use Superman vs Batman as a launching pad for the JL franchise and hand the reigns over to him to be the director and continue playing Batman.
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