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Default Dorell Wright is a guy who understands what it takes to build

Wright has been in frequent contact with Blazers coach Terry Stotts this summer. They text. They've had conversations. And Wright, who also played in Golden State and Philadelphia, said he appreciates the open lines of communication. In fact, "It's a big deal. Being on the same page as your leaders. To have the opportunity to be able to reach out to your coach, talk to him whenever you want, that's key."

The Miami Heat drafted Wright as an 18-year old, and the story goes that on the first road trip to Los Angeles to play the Lakers, everyone was understandably excited. His friends and family buzzed. He looked forward to suiting up in the Staples Center against the legendary team he'd seen as a child. And when the Heat arrived at the five-star Beverly Wilshire Hotel in front of the game, his teammates asked him, "Where's the best place to hang out?"

-- Oregonian
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