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Default Re: 2013-2014 World Football Thread (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc.)

For the record, Gary Medel, the Chilean on Cardiff who just raped Manchester City, is another Football Manager legend. Used to be able to buy him from Universidad Católica for $300k and he would go on to become the new Gattuso.

I've been watching his career since he went to Boca in real life and he has proven at international level and club level TO BE A GODDAMN BULLDOG.

How does Football Manager keep knowing about this hidden gems before the rest of the football world does?

Also Hart has been shit for so long now. De Gea made 1/3rd the amount of mistakes Hart did but the media was up De Gea's ass while praising Hart as the best keeper in the world. Why does Joe Hart get a free pass for every crap mistake me makes?

De Gaea, Scezny, Mignolet, Howard, Guzan, Lloris, Begovic, Cech, Foster, Vorm, Steklenberg, Jaskalainan, all of these keepers are much better than Hart.

He is a bad distributor and flaps in fear at crosses in the 6 yard box. he is a good reflex shot stopper but that's it. Technique wise and tactics wise he's an idiot. Worst part is he's arrogant like no other. Thinks he's Buffon level. Foster should take his spot for England's #1. Shouldn't be first choice for a team with Man City's ambitions.

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