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Default Re: Deny all you want but Gaddafi did alot for black Africa

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
No one denies that, every strong man, despot and tyrant in history has people he helps and causes he pushes for.

Its the nature of politics, he needs certain groups to have his back, and The African Union (or OAN or whatever it is called) was critical to him staying in power. So he needed to treat his fellow Africans well so they didn't allow Western powers to set up shop there and try and oust him, or use back-channel influence.

He was also very good to foreign business interests, Korean firms were big in Libya during his tenure and I have met a few Korean businessmen who think he is the shit.

Mugabe, Suharto, Marcos, Noreiga etc. all had pet causes and groups they favored.

Qaddafi was genuine supporter of black people though. Dude had a well documented case of "jungle fever" with a particular penchant for sub-Saharan women
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