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I bought a used 04 Honda Accord probably in 08. It was fully loaded, for 04 anyway, which included an XM ready in dash stereo. I got such a good deal on the car, I splurged and paid for the five year subscription to XM, which came out to like 8 bucks a month or something.

It was a good chunk to swallow. Like a 500 buck layout, but I got such a good deal on the car, I figured lets just do everything I can do with it.

I listen to OnA daily. Now I only have about a 12 minute commute, so you're talking about a half hour a day most times I'm listening. I also had my second band of my stereo set up to run my ipod through the stereo controls. So I can use pandora or spotify from there if I so choose. I've done it a few times, but it's easier to just play off my own playlists. I could also probably use TunedIn, which is a podcast style app, to listen to day old OnA if I wanted to. I do listen to a little of the music channells, but not a ton. Comedy too. And I have noticed that I can find OnA pretty much next day, at least in twenty minute bits, but I'm not generally going out of my way to listen to the radio once I get out of my car. And the new cars have Pandora built in, which I'm guessing will kill the satellite medium.

If it went away, I'm sure I'd make due. But I do like having it, even it it's really about 90% for OnA only.
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