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Default Re: My brother got offered $15k a month...

iím surprised nobody talked about his brother ALSO turning down various extortion / blackmail possibilities.

but i definitely know how he feels about exchanging numbers with people who seem extremely decent in a restaurant / bar, then turn out to be creeps further down the line. of course, they werenít offering 15 grand/month.

i also donít understand why these rich guys donít start with young gay guys instead of trying to convert someone. maybe itís a power trip or something.

Originally Posted by Knicks101
When your brother has kids that he can't afford to put though college, he's going to have some problems looking them in the eye and telling them that Daddy could have just sucked a little dick and they would have been able to go. I don't envy him.
lol, that there was one wild-ass reply from out of nowhere.
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