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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Africa Championship

Originally Posted by Grinder
Nigeria has a well funded (by African standards) domestic league but the skill level is probably low. The thing with Nigeria is that there's so many Nigerian-Americans that are good NCAA players and want to represent Nigeria that it makes it nearly impossible for domestic Nigerians to crack the team. I suspect this will only get tougher with guys like Festus Ezeli, Victor Oladipo, and Trevor Mbakwe vying for spots.

First of all, thanks for a great thread Grinder and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Yeah, since so many Nigerians live abroad it's not a surprise that we see so many athletes in different sports with Nigerians origins. And Nigerians tend to have great physique. Nigeria is going to be a fun team to watch in the future and I like that Aminu is showing the way by actually being a young starter in the NBA while playing for the NT as well.

Originally Posted by Grinder
One of the problems with Asian basketball is that despite it's immense popularity and participation, they focus too much on perimeter/guard skills for players of all positions. The players generally have good fundamentals yet their decision making and ability to play against athleticism/length is lacking.

True, I've watched a couple of Asian championships and I totally agree. The biggest problem is the the lack of length, a "scrub" Hadadi, by NBA standards, is completely destroying the competition due the lack of tall and skilled players.

Originally Posted by Grinder
Iran has become the new powerhouse in Asia and is the only team that looks remotely capable of competing with the good African teams or average Latin American teams. If you watch the FIBA Americas which starts in a few days, you'll see how much better countries like Venezuela, Uruguay, and Dominican Republic are than the top Asian teams. Heck, China has had a ton of trouble against some of the lowest level European teams like Iceland in recent years (only beat them by 10 a couple years ago).

Iran seem to be doing pretty fine, their young prodigy Kazemi just got drafted but they sure would have a really tough time against lower quality teams in Europe and against teams in South America.

In Sweden we now have 2 NBA players that play for the NT but still we get destroyed by the powerhouses in Europe.
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