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Default Re: Breaking: US and Britain pledge to use force within two weeks in Syria.

The fact that Obama hasn't already ordered some type of strike on the dipshits proves he has no balls. The bombs should have been hitting this place long ago. I know we can't go in a wipe them out because of the innocent civilians but we need to make a statement that we can kill anyone of them at any moment. They know Obama has no nuts so they're not the slightest bit worried about repercussions of their actions. If the UN was fired at it should be an automatic declaration of war and shit should be hitting the fan.

Fact of the matter is that our military has made the russian military look like child's play for the past 10-15 years with our wargames. The Russian's can't handle our military and they know it. Putin is not getting involved if it could in turn bring US attention against them. None of the world powers want WW3 and for Russia to either send troops or aid to the Syrian's could easily start WW3. Once the bombs start flying Putin may make a few statements but you better believe he isn't starting WW3. Obama is weaker than Carta and Bubba.
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