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Default Re: My brother got offered $15k a month...

Originally Posted by Scholar
An older gay dude offered my brother $15k/mo to be his sugar daddy. He said he'd pay for my brother to live in a nice apartment, buy him a new car, & cover all expenses.

It started with the dude giving my bro a business card and saying to hit him up for a $10k/mo job offer. They also exchanged phone #s, which my bro says he regretted doing after the guy wouldn't say what the job was. My bro thought it was fishy, so he didn't call the guy. After a few hours later in the day, the old man decided to text my brother. When my bro wouldn't meet him to discuss the "job," the old queer upped it to $15k/mo. My bro still wouldn't meet him because the old man wasn't willing to discuss what the "job" was. The guy then finally gave some very fishy details, wouldn't describe what the "favors" would be that my brother would perform for him, and then proceeded to talk about buying my bro an apartment, cars, etc.

The guy didn't fully admit he wanted sexual favors in return, but it's obvious that's what it was.

My brother immediately turned down the offer. I'm glad because I think it's not worth selling yourself for any amount of money. Desperate times don't always call for desperate measures.

The gay dude had two young men with him, and my bro said those two guys looked uncomfortable as hell. And this happened in Beverly Hills, where weird gay shit like this occurs often.

I'm not looking for advice. I just wanted to share this because I think it's good for people to know this isn't some movie storyline b.s. This happened to my bro, and I'm just proud that he knew better than to give himself up for money. He might be in a tight situation financially, but at least he still has his dignity.

I dont know why people think the story is made up. Its not like OP said a hot chick offered his brother that deal.

Gay dudes are like straight guys in that we are obsessed with sex. Even the most prudish male's sex drive = thirstiest whore alive.

Also lots of rich gay men. rich Straight men have similar deals with woman all the time. You ever see a rich guy with a hot girl out of his league? I see that on a daily basis. Same principle really.

OP if your brother is straight that is too little money. Also does the dude want your brother to be a top or a bottom? big difference.
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