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Default Re: I hate GameStop

For the most part what the OP says is true. Sometimes I'll ask employees questions that I know the answers to and they totally are trying to BS me with their responses. A few years back when Madden and NFL 2K were both competing for my gaming dollars, I asked an employee which one was selling better and he responded, "actually most people are buying both." I scoffed at that.....what a moron. It sucks too when moms go in there and they know nothing about games and they get bamboozled by clueless employees. I try to offer advice if it looks like it'll help.

The exception to this though is the Gamestop that I frequent the most. The guys there know what they're talking about. They're hardcore gamers and they genuinely try to help you out. It's rare, but Gamestops like this one do exist.
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