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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
I dont see how Zim being a bad fighter and trayvon having a habit of fighting as being contradictory. I believe both and dont see how they contradict.

An article from cnn detailing about trayvon's texts. Unless you challenge CNN's reporting as biased. I have already posted a link to an article discussing Zim's MMA trainer's testimony. I dont think someone would lie for a client at a murder trial under oath.
You didn't read what I wrote: Once again... If I am fighting a young teen (and you believe TM is hostile and a very experienced fighter) for a minute, screaming, and in an underneath position for a good portion of that fight and all I got was a busted nose out of the deal and evidence of tussling and was able to go behind his back to get a gun from the bottom position after all of that... you can't be weak. If you have every been in a street fight, 20 seconds is a long time, especially if a teen has fear for his life or safety and the other knowing there is a deadly weapon involved.

If you never been in a street fight just say it. Fighting a streetfight in close quarters, for a half of minute, with fear involved on both sides is more energy draining than 3 intense full court games of Bball. But this fight was a full minute. They said Trayvon's ring show evidence of only one blow at the trial. Now there could have been an elbow and some ground wrestling but show me evidence of of more than one blow. A minute fight with FEAR is wild energy. And you are convinced that TM is experienced, hyped and in a foul disposition. Evidence showed that TM might have only have landed a left handed blow which is uncommon for a right handed guy - which could easily suggest that, that blow came when TM put one hand behind his back to get his gun.

Your source confirms that it may have been a one punch scenario as well but it says that Zim's personal doctor says he had two black eyes and a broken nose.

If you ever been in a street fight, 15 minutes to an hour later you see everything - especially swelling. At 27 years old, black eyes do not go away the next day for detective interviews. The guy had no swelling at all, which is one of the most amazing things that whole night.

I am not saying for sure he was a great fighter, but I think its clear he was more physically capable than Zimmerman. Trayvon had gotten suspend from school for fighting in the past and he had various text message bragging about his fighting skill. Even if you dismiss that the physical evidence of zim's broken nose, black eyes and cuts to the back of his head give an indication that trayvon was clearly the better fighter of the 2. I know legal trayvon was not an adult, but physically the 17 year old trayvon was more physically capable than the fat short zimmerman.

Anybody that has a street fight for a minute with a young teen in fear, in close quarters, and supposedly in a compromised position, and feels he can put one hand behind his back after that minute is not the weakest man around. But you have slyly presented claims that TM wasn't just a regular teen, he was mean, experienced and having a bad day. But this weakling can handle him for a minute and then put one hand behind his back. You really believe that?

Yeah I am not sure if your are trolling now... First of all even the prosecution concedes that trayvon was on top of zimmerman. Secondly there are cuts to the back of zimmerman's head. Zim never held trayvon down... At least there is no evidence indicating that.
The prosecution was pretty much garbage. the linear slice cuts on Zim's head were not likely directly caused by TM. Could you explain that if you do believe that? But to your point, if you believe Zimmerman was on the bottom the whole time and the weakest guy around (you quoted the MMA guy as saying this but I didn't see it), then how does he not get any swelling in a minute fight? How does Trayvon only have evidence of throwing one blow? You have to be really strong to command a fight from below or manage to come out with evidence of only one blow from TM.

Actually during the initial reporting of the story I thought Zim killed a 12 year old boy stalking him down a shooting him in the back while he ran. I thought zim should have gotten the death penalty.

Facts that I learned during the trial changed my opinion that it was murder and instead I believe now zim racially profiled trayvon, and antagonized him, but he shot trayvon to stop trayvon from forcing his head into the ground, which trayvon was doing while mounted on top of zimmerman after he knocked him down. Also zim got his nose broken and had black eyes at the end.

Instant disappearing black eyes? Stop what you are reading and look for yourself.

You believe GZ has an anti swelling head as well? That he can have his head slammed into concrete and it not swell up? Do you believe he's some new human on the evolutionary chain that recuperates like Wolverine but surely can't fight like Wolverine?
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