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Default Re: My brother got offered $15k a month...

Crazy. Same exact thing happened to my friend.

My friend was chilling in a restaurant (chipotle) and this random guy comes up to him with this weird lead "hey man. I need to find people that are ready to make money. You interested ? I need someone that's down to do whatever to make money" and proceeded to ask for my friends number and to call him. My friend did and the guy was offering my friend 15k a month but said he would be doing "favors" for the older man. My really good friend has been looking for a job in quite a while and wanted to take the older mans job offer because he was afraid he was missing out on a great opportunity(at this point it's not revealed that the older guy was asking for favors) and he was apparently upset that my friend wasn't accepting the offer and thinking about it. My good friend told me what he should do and I said "f.uck it man. The guy seems gay and sketch. Money isn't worth being with someone like that. Who offers someone crazy money to do reasonable tasks? And honestly, what are those tasks that he's not willing to disclose."

My friend didnt take the offer.
F.uck that guy.

Scholar, sent you a PM bro
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