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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League - DRAFT RESULTS - comments are appreciated

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Prime time, did you go in planning to take a RB so late? Or did it just kinda happen? I've never seen someone take their 1st RB round 6.
I made a 125 player 'big board" and loaded it onto yahoo...

based around this site:

^^^ that is the Rotten Tomatoes or FF...they take rankings from all the major sites on the internet and create an average.

.5 PPR naturally puts a bit more emphasis on WRs and the people in this league have it in their head that RBs are what is needed to win the WRs "fall" easier.

Last year I won with Shonn Greene and Spiller (who was injured half the year) as my starting RBs...My team was carried by Brees, Dez who caught fire, and Vincent Jackson.

This year I have 3 WR1s


all pretty much locks for 1,500+ yards...and honestly I think Calvin not seeing the endzone last year was a bit of a fluke...I think he is going to have another record type year this year.

on top of that I have Rodgers who will get me 30 points a game with their crap defense...although I had him and Brees rated pretty much equal, so I would have waited had I known that Brees would drop that far.

People in this league underrate QBs drastically...and EVERY SINGLE YEAR you hear the "QB is so deep this year!" it isn't...there are 4 "lock" elites and the rest are risk/reward types

The difference last year between Rodgers and Big Ben? 352 points to 231 points...that is 121 points...which is almost 10 points a game. That is absolutely HUGE. Just choose Ben because he was one of the last QBs taken in our league.

I'll post my big board later...(it's kind of funny how I ranked some NFCE players)
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