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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League - DRAFT RESULTS - comments are appreciated

It is nuts how underrated QBs are in some FF leagues...the NFL is a QB league now, it is every team's highest scoring position, and yet people feel that they can wait on this.

Drew Brees was the highest scoring player PERIOD last year...and I am sure top-5 the year before that, he is a LOCK for being a top-5 scorer overall this year if healthy as that defense still sucks and all they do is air the ball 24/7...yet he fell to the 3rd in here, it's crazy

I drafted my players based around who I feel was going to score the most really doesn't matter what position those points come from...I took Wayne where I did for the simple fact that I didn't see a RB that I thought would score as much as him...same with Witten after that...Witten has put up big numbers for the past decade, he is a lock in my eyes for good points and there were no RBs that equaled him at that pick IMO.
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