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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by Pointguard
...Instant disappearing black eyes? Stop what you are reading and look for yourself.

You believe GZ has an anti swelling head as well? That he can have his head slammed into concrete and it not swell up? Do you believe he's some new human on the evolutionary chain that recuperates like Wolverine but surely can't fight like Wolverine?
video quality wasn't great... seemed like i might have seen some purpling under his eyes. are there better pics / video for that?

one thing about the concrete-- if his body really was on the grass while his head was against the the edge of the concrete, it could explain the cuts on the back of his head and why there's no swelling.

other than that, zimmerman in that video... i don't know... when i'm not suspending my disbelief, he sure seems to be spinning a web of lies, obfuscation and misinformation...

- he has TM running on the 911 call, just walking steadily in the walk through.

- he has himself acting completely non-confrontationally in the walk through with TM basically going psycho on him, while his GF overheard ZIMS shouting "what are you doing around here!"

- he has TM raining blows and slamming his head on the sidewalk until he felt it was about to explode, when the evidence does not support that at all.

- IIRC from other evidence, the car parking explanation he gave was determined to be false.

mentiroso, mentiroso, pantalones en fuego, jorge?
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