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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League - DRAFT RESULTS - comments are appreciated

I have a lot of 'sleepers' this year, or players I felt are being very under valued...

-Andre Johnson, yes he is a sleeper this year...his ADP is around 27 and it shouldn't be. I think this is because he only saw the endzone 4 times last year, but that is just luck/fluke...he is still elite and still got 1,500+ yards

-Amendola, there is no Gronk or Hernandez or anyone else on the Pats for Brady to throw to. If Amendola stays healthy this year then OMG his numbers will be insane. I had him ranked high, I guess Jazz Ballers saw the same as me

-Colston is a sleeper this year, the Saints lost Henderson and Morgan and now Colston is all Brees has that he is very familar with. Colston is going to get thrown at A LOT.

-Boldin, Crabtree is out and the only WR on that team that Kap has really is Boldin. Boldin is underrated in real life, and he is underrated in FF as well. I think he is going to have a monster year.

-Torrey Smith, same reasons as Boldin...the Raven lost Boldin which puts much more focus on Torrey...he should have a career year, he has a low ADP because I think most view him as a just a deep threat, which is pretty much all he was last year, but with Boldin gone I think he will take on more of a possession receiver role as well as a deep threat

-Ivory, as already mentioned...just needs to stay healthy

-Britt is a possible sleeper if he stays healthy "Britt is nothing" still holds true as of now though lol, but the guy's ADP is like 500 so at this point he is no risk and all reward

-Ryan homer, the guy is magic and should take advantage of Calvin seeing quatruple teams

-Sid Harvin...Rice might shock everyone and turn into Favre/Vikes Rice again...he should be the Seahawks' main dude, his ADP is LOOOOW.

some of my 'sleepers' although I only landed two of these guys for the fact that I took my top 3 WRs right from the start so at that point I just needed RBs to fill out a roster.
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