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Default Re: 2nd movie and television character draft thread

sry, no web access over the weekend. where the fk is raiderfan lolo

does syndrome get his robot? im gonna say no...

but he does have his zero point lazer finger and a jetpack. and one would imagine, as a supremely wealthy weapons manufacturer, he can acquire various other projectile weaponry. most importantly, he knows exactly what he's up against, somebody who's beaten him before... i don't think he lets that happen here.

the courtyard doesn't have a ton for anybody to really use to their advantage, but for one thing, it's dark and snowy. i imagine syndrome comes to the match in a snowy white camoflauge suit, with thermal vision to keep track of incredible, who'll be in his usual red suit. he'll have the whole place mapped out, and really, i don't think he'll let himself be beaten this time.


tall man jerks off for 24 hours than gets annihilated by magneto
dumbledore toys with jason for 24 hours and then turns him into a banana

harry potter vs smith

potential spoilers if you're still reading the books

re: the elder wand... first off i dunno if he'd even get it, since at his peak he intentionally threw it away. but even if he got it, it doesn't make him unbeatable except against other harry potter opponents... more specifically, other wand-wielding hp opponents. so conceivably, a troll could surprise him from behind and tear his head off.

smith is much more powerful than a troll. admittedly, were it only harry who was prepped, he might be able to stay hidden under the cloak and hit smith with a series of spells... he's too durable for a simple stunning spell or w/e, but the right combination could do it.

but smith knows what he's against here. he knows his opponent has a habit of "disappearing". he knows his number one job to get the wind is to disarm harry of the wand. i think he'll get that job done.

hell, smith is fast enough to create like a whirlwind that could probably rip the cloak right off. but however he does it, my bet is he gets it done.
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