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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by Pointguard
You didn't read what I wrote: Once again... If I am fighting a young teen (and you believe TM is hostile and a very experienced fighter) for a minute, screaming, and in an underneath position for a good portion of that fight and all I got was a busted nose out of the deal and evidence of tussling and was able to go behind his back to get a gun from the bottom position after all of that... you can't be weak. If you have every been in a street fight, 20 seconds is a long time, especially if a teen has fear for his life or safety and the other knowing there is a deadly weapon involved.
I have never said I thought he was an experienced fighter, I have said he had a history of fighting. I dont know how good of a fighter trayvon was. I think its clear that he was a better fighter than Zim. You are honestly the first and only person I have ever met that says Zim had control of the fight. Look I am sorry but a lot of stuff came up at trial that showed trayvon in a negative light and made it seem realistic that he would react violently when verbally confronted.

None of that justifies what happened to trayvon, but I think you are being ridiculous claiming that Zimmerman had a physical advantage over trayvon. And to be clear I against vigilantism. IMO zim had no business looking for the burglars responsible for the recent break ins and he racially profiled trayvon.

able to go behind his back to get a gun from the bottom position after all of that
where are you getting that he got a gun from the back of his body? He got the gun from his waist, on his hip.

If you never been in a street fight just say it.

Nope, and proud of it. I am a nice guy and I hang out with adults. What kind of adult looks up to street fighters? Are you trying to impress people online with your fighting abilities? Are you 12?

Personally I think dumbasses that are violent and get into fights consistently are stupid. I look up to people who have an education and get employable skills, and get good careers, not dumb asses that walk around being alpha.

Also already said it in another thread here that my "fighting" history is limited to 3 quasi-fights in my whole life. 2 was in elementary school that were my fault and I feel really guilty about nowadays. I went to a private school and this group I was in started picking on a new kid because he was poorer, anyways even then I thought it was wrong, but I was afraid I would be ostracized by the group and I forget the details but ended up "fighting" the other kid. Honestly we just punched each other in the arm for a bit and pushing and shoving.

2nd one was a little older and the same scenario but this time people called the kid gay. Due to peer pressure and fear that I would become the target I joined in the bullying, but even then I knew it was wrong. Looking back I would apologize to both these guys if I could and if I remembered their last names.

3rd guy was a douchebag but we just kind of grappled standing up and pushed and shoveled. It probably looked more gay than anything else.

Your source confirms that it may have been a one punch scenario as well but it says that Zim's personal doctor says he had two black eyes and a broken nose.

That evidence was presented at trial. Are you telling me you think the prosecution would not have challenged faulty evidence? Also in a murder investigation people dont lie under oath for a guy they barely know. I might lie for my mom, my dad, and my siblings. No way I lie for one of my clients.

Anybody that has a street fight for a minute with a young teen in fear, in close quarters, and supposedly in a compromised position, and feels he can put one hand behind his back after that minute is not the weakest man around. But you have slyly presented claims that TM wasn't just a regular teen, he was mean, experienced and having a bad day. But this weakling can handle him for a minute and then put one hand behind his back. You really believe that?

I dont think trayvon was afraid of zim. Trayvon was taller, stronger and zim is a short fat dude. I am not saying trayvon was a great professional fighter. I am saying he was better than zim. Probably what happened was they were on the ground and zim tried to hold trayvon's arms to stop the beating, which limited the damage, but zim couldnt get trayvon off of him and zim cowardly reacted by shooting him.

The prosecution was pretty much garbage. the linear slice cuts on Zim's head were not likely directly caused by TM. Could you explain that if you do believe that?

I think it happened as trayvon was attempting to force zim's head into the ground. As he was doing this, I am guess zim attempted to resist, Eg. trying to hold his head up and using his arms to try to push trayvon's arms and hands off his head. Trayvon probably didn't succeed every single time he tried to force zim's head into the ground. Probably his head scraped the ground a couple of times. This proves to me that trayvon was on top.

But you have slyly presented claims that TM wasn't just a regular teen, he was mean, experienced and having a bad day.

I have never said that... All I said was clearly trayvon was in control of the fight. Maybe that's a testament to him being an above average fighter, maybe that's a testament to zim being extremely weak, maybe its a combination of that, I don't know. I do know that throughout the whole thing zim never managed to hit trayvon once with a melee maneuver and by the end zim had a broken nose, 2 black eyes and cuts to the back of his head.

Zim's mma instructor testified as him being extremely physically weak and having poor fighting skills. I don't think it is reasonable to expect an mma instructor to lie, under oath, at a murder trial from a client of theirs. Once again there are people I would lie for under oath to protect at a murder trial, a client of mine is not one of them.

Look you and I interpret the evidence differently, this isnt productive for either of us, we just have to agree to disagree. I claim to the same conclusion as the jury, while you have this idea that zim was in control of the fighting and on top of trayvon.

Edit: we are all wasting time anyways. Zim will likely be killed soon. Despite what the court found, many people still think he killed trayvon in cold blood. Dude signed his death warrant that night.
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