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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by Pointguard
Black eyes from punches are not soft little under the eye dark spots. They look like this:

As opposed to walking into glass where it is sometimes dubious and the brain actually angles off the blow and small dark marks are left below the eye. If Zim was able to obtain two soft black eyes without swelling anywhere it would have been another marvel of the night.
you're generalising. logically there should be a whole range of black eyes, from almost nothing to a world of purple-black. different blows in different situations are going to produce different results.

OTOH, TM's hands showed damage from only ONE blow, correct? unless i missed something, only one of the three blows to zimmerman's face is explained by a TM action.

You can bang your head on the door in your house which has a hard 90degree angle and it won't leave a slice cut like the slice cuts that Zim had:
Which seems like he might have hit his head on a sprinkler or garden tool. But any violent hit to the head will cause bruising or swelling. Hard hits on concrete, no matter what the angle, will never just leave cuts. The edge of the concrete would actually be more likely to cause swelling. The skull needs swelling to protect the brain in humans. Now Zimmermans might be different.
you're missing my point: if his head was resting on that edge of concrete that we saw in the video, and it was jerked to the side (like during a struggle), that could be a reason for a long cut like that without bruising. sometimes those edges are pretty sharp, in fact.
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