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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
I have never said I thought he was an experienced fighter, I have said he had a history of fighting. I dont know how good of a fighter trayvon was.
Its the same thing. Experienced means he has a history of it.
I think its clear that he was a better fighter than Zim. You are honestly the first and only person I have ever met that says Zim had control of the fight. Look I am sorry but a lot of stuff came up at trial that showed trayvon in a negative light and made it seem realistic that he would react violently when verbally confronted.
This is irrelevant to the discussion. But while we are here Zimmerman was a violent guy to girlfriends, police, house guest of his mother and during work sometimes without verbal confrontation. Which is worse?
None of that justifies what happened to trayvon, but I think you are being ridiculous claiming that Zimmerman had a physical advantage over trayvon. And to be clear I against vigilantism. IMO zim had no business looking for the burglars responsible for the recent break ins and he racially profiled trayvon.
No, I never said that, and you know I never said that, but he wasn't weak like you claim.

where are you getting that he got a gun from the back of his body? He got the gun from his waist, on his hip.
At the very least he couldn't get it without exposing his face, right? Which would definitely lead to a blow.
Nope, and proud of it. I am a nice guy and I hang out with adults. What kind of adult looks up to street fighters? Are you trying to impress people online with your fighting abilities? Are you 12?

Not at all. Why are you jumping to complete nonsense? Did I once talk of my fighting prowess??? If you have no idea what it is like to be in a life and death situation then I can't make you imagine it. If you never been in a fight then its going to be hard to imagine what it is like to be in one. You can't call somebody weak who has been in that situation for a minute. You did it.

Personally I think dumbasses that are violent and get into fights consistently are stupid. I look up to people who have an education and get employable skills, and get good careers, not dumb asses that walk around being alpha.

Great don't ever get into a fight it if you can. I mentor at risk youth, I break up fights. I convert fighters into builders, family men and constructive men of society. Most meaningful things in your life will be built upon you understanding things for yourself. An Alpha has dominion over the concepts in his orbit first and then executes them at a supreme level. You and your friends can toss that thought around. It will register with some and not with others. Some are gullible and will take things the wrong way... .
3rd guy was a douchebag but we just kind of grappled standing up and pushed and shoveled. It probably looked more gay than anything else.
Thank goodness they weren't violent. But its more important to get the lessons from them.

That evidence was presented at trial. Are you telling me you think the prosecution would not have challenged faulty evidence? Also in a murder investigation people dont lie under oath for a guy they barely know. I might lie for my mom, my dad, and my siblings. No way I lie for one of my clients.
Zim lied like crazy and the prosecution didn't even present him as a liar. They didn't talk about his many many inconsistencies.


I think it happened as trayvon was attempting to force zim's head into the ground. As he was doing this, I am guess zim attempted to resist, Eg. trying to hold his head up and using his arms to try to push trayvon's arms and hands off his head. Trayvon probably didn't succeed every single time he tried to force zim's head into the ground. Probably his head scraped the ground a couple of times. This proves to me that trayvon was on top.
My only suggestion is that Zim had some control to limit damages in a minute long fight.

I have never said that... All I said was clearly trayvon was in control of the fight. Maybe that's a testament to him being an above average fighter, maybe that's a testament to zim being extremely weak, maybe its a combination of that, I don't know. I do know that throughout the whole thing zim never managed to hit trayvon once with a melee maneuver and by the end zim had a broken nose, 2 black eyes and cuts to the back of his head.
Why are you face palming. You don't read the articles you put out there. They are clearly suggesting that. And they all support the same idea. You don't read what you put out there. Zimmerman is bigger guy with a deadly weapon on him, he doesn't want it to be a striking match and he was extremely successful at it not being much of one. Him not striking Trayvon doesn't mean he wasn't in control. He wants it to be a wrestling match which is what the evidence suggest. Striking is very risky business if you got a gun on you.
Zim's mma instructor testified as him being extremely physically weak and having poor fighting skills. I don't think it is reasonable to expect an mma instructor to lie, under oath, at a murder trial from a client of theirs. Once again there are people I would lie for under oath to protect at a murder trial, a client of mine is not one of them.
He uses Zimmerman's name as advertisement! What better advertisement than having a weakling handle a black teen in the dark. At that stage of the game the instructor had seen how inept the prosecution was and definitely was convinced that they weren't going to interview the other weaklings at his facility. The inept prosecution didn't even bring up the establishments vested interest in Zimmerman.

Edit: we are all wasting time anyways. Zim will likely be killed soon. Despite what the court found, many people still think he killed trayvon in cold blood. Dude signed his death warrant that night.

I think the guy has a death wish myself but ain't my job to wish it on anybody.
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