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Default Re: Deny all you want but Gaddafi did alot for black Africa

Originally Posted by Premeditated
I'm not hating on Obama. Obama has probably done more as a community organizer for blacks but as president, I don't think so. I know he's the president for "all American", but still. I like Obama, but not because of his politics. It's because he's black and he has swag. That is why I voted for him. I'm not gonna lie.

Exactly, and this is why it is smart he's not doing anything for just black America, but rather all of us Americans. Any educated person understands that if he does something to promote just his race using the presidency as that tool, then any future black, azn, mexican, indian, etc candidates will be that much more unlikely to be able to get elected. The seed of doubt will be in people's mind that they are not voting for a president, but rather for someone that will seek to advance their race.
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