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Default Re: Wall piece ... opinions?

Originally Posted by Lamar Doom
damn, run AND manage? how do you make time for you?

That's a great question, because in the midst of me being the "new Josh" I don't have time for- the old bullshit I used to be involved in. So yes, the-re's less fun (if you look at it that way), and there's much mo-re seriousness involved in my day to day, but I can wake up feeling like have a real purpose in life, where as before, I did not. Not at all.

The way it was all presented and explained to me roughly two years ago, I'd be busting my ass (which I have been) and not having much of a social life (which I haven't). I can see the prize at the end of the tunnel though (meaning looking at everything on paper of how this agency owner-ship is going to be passed down to me (and of course that means me *purchasing it from him, nothing is free, obviously).

It's just way too much to explain in a thread on some message boa-rd, but it's a time consuming, money consuming project that is a -risk involved but unless the auto/home/life industry just completely falls apart I;ll be set for life, pretty much (if I do just like Mr. Manning and as he has coached me.). His original intention was to pass this business off to his son, but his son has absolutely no inter-est in being in the insurance family business. He likes me very much, and b/c we're family friends I'm a shoe-in.

Yes, sure it's to most boring as hell ... I'm not exactly working on some Hollywood set living some dream, but I'm in a position where hard work pays off, and as long as there's cars, homes and people's lives that are worth insuring, I'll have a hefty steady (very steady) income. Yes, to most I'm doing something that is flat-out boring as all hell. I really enjoy it though, and I'm already making more than I was when I worked for corporate America for almost ten years. Is it the greatest gig in the world, well, surely not, but if those from the outside looking in had an opportunity to do this, drop what they're doing now in exchange, etc, they'd jump on it in a heartbeat... grossly boring or not.

I'm sure as hell not the happiest guy on the face of the planet, but I'm fairly content. Someone will respond and find some way to hate, talk shit, make fun, attempt to bring down, blah blah blah, hahaw hahaw this, etc once I'm thru! I just know I'm enjoying my life at the moment, and for good reason. Nothing more, nothing less. *insert DW's smart ass comment here*
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