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Originally Posted by airchibundo507
I could give a rat's ass about Miley.

Justin Timberlake's twenty minute medley comprising many of the biggest hits in his career was well worth watching the VMA's for.. As great as his singing was, he was as good as if not better than his back-up dancers in the execution of choreography while managing to hit every note. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on that, Starface, since you seem to think the awards show was only about Miley's egregious display.


I didnt see Timberlake, since I didnt watch any of the program. Unfortunately I dont have any trust in programs like the VMAs not to waste my time, so consequently I do miss anything that airs that may have been worthwhile.

Im actually not familiar with any of JTs post n*sync career. Thats not a knock, maybe hes great, I just never familiarized myself with his music. Theres some nsync and backstreet songs I have no problem admitting to liking. So maybe Id like JT but as it is I can only name the song Cry me a River by him. It sounds like his performance the other night was very well received, if I legitimately missed a great show that def sucks. Maybe Ill check it on Youtube if its on there when I get a chance.

Wont likely change my opinion that "entertainment" today is mostly about finding the hottest person willing to take off their clothes and then purporting them to be a "singer." Of course there are exceptions tho. There are always exceptions to everything. I would never say there arent.
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