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Default Re: What are you reading?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7

Just finished it on the train this morning. Good book with pretty sound advice for all readers which is too try to train yourself to think more in terms of probabilities instead of absolutes. He is a big fan of Bayesian updating, which is essentially just updating your estimate of the probability of an event occuring based on new evidence.

He touched on some really cool subjects like chess, gambling, and weather forecasting which was really cool. Overall, it was an easy read that is clear and easy to digest.

That sounds very much like a Malcolm Gladwell book, and I love Gladwell, so maybe I'll give it a shot. After a period of a few years where I read all the social science type stuff I could find like that, 5 Gladwell books, both Freakonomics books, and a few off the beaten path variations, like The Drunkard's Walk, I just kind of burned out on it. It went from this weird realization that there were other people out there thinking the way I think, but in much more refined ways, to this depressing realization that there were a ton of people out there thinking like that, all reaching similar conclusions, with varying levels of detail.

I also like Nate Silver, although not as much as most. I've been reading and listening to his take on sports topics forever. And look forward to his new Grantland style ESPN branch website. But I find his speach pattern oddly annoying. He asks the question "Right?", seemingly at the end of every sentence.

Personally I started up recently on more fiction, trying to go through the full works of Cormac MaCarthy. I ripped through The Road, and enjoyed the hell out of it, even knowing much of the story. Then I read a few short stories he published. And now I've moved on to Blood Meridian, and I'm starting to wear out. He's so dense in description but his tendency to not even name a lot of characters is beginning to make them feel flat. And he has a really bizarre writing style. He doesn't always start a new paragraph in dialogue. Doesn't use quotation marks. It probably wouldn't bother me as much if I weren't reading them back to back to back. And honestly I haven't picked it up in a couple weeks now.
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