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Default Re: The Wii U games are finally coming

Originally Posted by Scholar
No offense, man, but I don't think most grown gamers actually care about the Wii U.

I have a Wii and I haven't touched it since the end of 2011. I don't find Mario games all that entertaining anymore.

I used to just buy all the Mario games because I grew up on them, but as I've gotten older, all I have realized is that the Nintendo market is over saturated with his games. Nintendo just releases any Mario game they make just for profit.

I'd rather own an XBox than a Wii U. Yeah, I said, "XBox." Not the 360 or the One. Just the plain, old first-gen XBox.
There's a few people in the VGF with a wii u.

The bolded is what I hate when gamers complain about Nintendo. Generally speaking the first Mario/Zelda/Metroid whatever franchise game of a console is actually completely new (since 3D gaming started)

n64-the first Mario with a thumbstick which was a huge part of the game play.

Gamecube-The new triggers/ x and y button (I think it was x and y point is there was more buttons to push) used FLUDD extensively because of that controller. (Super Mario Sunshine)

Wii-SMG not only one of the best video games of the last generation but probably a top 20-30 game all time because of how you used the motion controls.

There's a VERY VERY good reason why other console makers copy Nintendo. What Nintendo does: works.

This is the Mario game that I'm definitely the most skeptical about, because 3D land wasn't a great game on 3DS. Sure it was fun, but a console version?

Don't get me wrong I understand that most hardcore gamers don't want/don't have any interest in Nintendo. But saying it's the same Mario game every generation just isn't true at all. It's the same character yes. And generally even the same or nearly the same plot, but not the same game.
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