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Default Re: The Wii U games are finally coming

Originally Posted by clipse026
I've actually never played a Zelda game in my life and am considering Wind Waker but I don't want to pay $60 for it. Any idea if it's going to be cheaper? And that new DK looks pretty fun. Haven't played one of those since SNES.
I think the digital download is gonna be 40, and the disk based is 50, unless you get the collector's edition at 60. I'm planning on getting it on a black friday sale if it's more than 40. I'm not comfortable paying more than 40 for a remake.

DK should be great. Retro studios knows what they're doing.
Originally Posted by niko
it's not a new console, it's a neutered down 3DS for cheap parents who want to buy one for their kids. There's nothing interesting about it unless for some reason you look at your 3DS and wish it couldn't close for some bizarre reason.
I actually think it's smart-ish. I think they would have been better off going clam shell, but I can see why they make it for those parents who worry about their kids using the 3D effect when they're not around. Plus,...the novelty kind of wore off it. I usually test games in 3D for awhile, then go back to 2D.
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