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Default Re: The Wii U games are finally coming

Originally Posted by Rose
Don't get me wrong I understand that most hardcore gamers don't want/don't have any interest in Nintendo. But saying it's the same Mario game every generation just isn't true at all. It's the same character yes. And generally even the same or nearly the same plot, but not the same game.

Dude... I don't even know.. What you're... talking about...
I'm not saying the Mario games are the same. Read my post again and you'll notice I made no mention of the games being recycled.
I simply stated that are too many Mario games. Nintendo will release ANYTHING with Mario in it. Mario tennis, Mario racing, Mario Olympics, Mario this, Mario that. There's variety, sure, but all Nintendo does is milk Mario every year like a cow and then cash in on hardcore fans of Mario supporting anything and everything with the dude on the cover.

Originally Posted by niko
There's no such thing as grown mature games. It's video games. You play what you like. Look at Vita vs. 3DS, Nintendo smokes Sony so bad it's not funny. With "kiddy games" apparently.

WiiU doesn't have the main franchises, but it's not because they are kiddy unless somehow pretending to shoot aliens is a grown up thing to do.

You, too, misunderstood my point. I made no assertions that there are mature games. I was referring to "mature gamers." By that I mean adults. I'd rather play Grand Theft Auto IV over and over again than another Super Mario game. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are plenty of adults who prefer Mario over something like The Last of Us, which I would say is a "mature" game, but I don't know any personally.
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