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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Are you serious about Nash? Nash hasn't suited up for Canada in 10 years but at least he has played some big tournaments for Canada, the 2003 FIBA Americas, toe 2000 Olympics.

The biggest disappointment on this list is Hibbert. He is the caption of the Jamaican team and because of him Jamaica is even in this tournament, I believe this might be the highest level basketball tournament Jamaica has ever qualified for. And now the Hibbert is a legitimate NBA superstar he backs out. It might have been the case of the best player suiting up for the worst NT ever, even more so than Dirk for Germany because Germany without Dirk is a lot better than Jamaica without Hibbert.

Maybe it is because he wants to play for USA.

But before you start comparing him to that hoe Ibaka who played with a top national team in Spain instead of his native Congo, Hibbert was born and spent all his life in the US unlike Ibaka who basically only was in Spain when his plane had a layover in the airport (okay I'm exaggerating a little but he literally only spent two years of his life in Spain)

Yeah that damn Spain stealing Ibaka from Congo. Spain must have learned it from USA that stole Ewing from Jamaica, stole Olajuwon from Nigeria, and stole Seikaly from Greece.

Spain is simply learning from the USA.
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