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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yes because last year with Splitter and Barbosa Brazil placed 5th in the Olympics their best result in a global tournament in modern history. The same Olympics where the Eurobasket silver medalist France placed 6th, Lithuania placed 8th and Greece couldn't even qualify for losing after to a Nigerian team in the qualifying tournament that ended up placing 10th.

Brazil could have won the bronze medal if those two were not on the team. Your basketball knowledge is ludicrously low.

And the Olympics isn't a global tournament you ****ing moron. It's a tournament based only for regions, NOT the best teams of the world. You don't even ****ing know what the damn Olympics is.

Why the **** do you think every damn sport has a world championship? Because the Olympics isn't a real world championship you ****ing mental midget. Your stupidity knows no bounds.

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