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Default Re: MUST READ: How to get a 40+ inch vertical

Originally Posted by Shade8780
The secret is..........practice dunking! Seriously! No need to buy any special programs, equipment or anything. Just simply practice dunking. This guy went from this...
Just about being able to dunk on a non-regulation 9 inch rim, to this...
Also won the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest in Toronto.

He replied to a comment about how he got his vertical saying "all i've ever done to gain vert was dunk. every. single. day. so basically i just as high as i can as many times as i can." Also, MJ said in an interview that he got his hops from just practicing dunking and jumping. It works all the necessary muscles needed for a high vertical.

if you check out his other videos, it clearly shows he is doing box jumps. i m pretty sure he does more than just trying to dunk every single day to improve his vertical. stop feeding off that crap to youngsters.

you need to lift, do pylos and practice your footwork leading to a dunk to improve your vertical

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