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Arrow Eurobasket 2013 Discussion

The European championships start in less than a week and a few posters requested that I start this thread, so here it is. Slovenia is the host country this year.

In depth info on the tournament can be found here.


Check this link.

The format
In the first stage every team has to play against every other team of their group (round-robin). This means five matches per team.

From every group the 3 best teams advance to the second stage and the 3 worst teams will be eliminated. In the second stage 2 new groups will be formed. The 3 best teams from groups A and B will be united to form group E whereas the 3 best teams from groups C and D will be united to form group F.

In these two new groups of the second stage only matches by teams that had not yet played each other have to be played. As for the matches that had already happened in the first stage their results will also count in the second stage. Therefore every team plays 3 matches and there are 12 teams in the second stage.

Out of the second stage the 4 best teams from each of the two groups advance to the quarterfinals (8 teams in total) whereas the 2 worst teams will be eliminated from championship (4 teams in total). [link]

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