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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Originally Posted by Twiens
Canada has looked awful so far, I still think we get top 3 though as this tourney is WEAK with all the people sitting out. Wiggins probably would've started on this team if he wanted to play....the wings are terrible.

Yeah we did have poor results building up, but if you looked at the boxscores, Triano played everyone a lot of minutes and all the games were close. We used different starters and different rotations each game and hopefully by now they have their line up set. The approach was more like a controlled scrimmage as opposed to a must win game.

I do worry about our guards though, we have been giving up big games to opposing PGs.

As for the no shows I posted at the beginning of the thread, thanks to all the capt. obviouses out there who pointed out those guys weren't likely playing anyways, a big round of 'd'oh' for you all, I just wanted to post notable eligible no shows.
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