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Originally Posted by cyco127
Okay. What ya'll need to realize about Carlos is that he IS NOT about being in the limelight. He's a quiet, shy kid from poedunk Alaska, population 32,000.
He's not about camera's and media coverage. He's a pretty regular type guy. I wish you could get to know him...

That's kinda how I read him. I'm kinda thinking he realizes this is a BUSINESS and he really doesn't have to like where he lives or what team he plays for. He works for a large multinational corporation (the NBA) that has 30 divisions. He's been assigned to a division that he 'might' not appreciate, but if he works hard (which I think he's totally capable of as demonstrated by the last 30 games of 2005-2006 season) he'll either get moved to a division he 'likes' or his current division will be successful and he won't care that he's not where he 'wants' to be.

It seems like he's a good fit for the Jazz. Guys that work hard are totally rewarded under Jerry Sloan with playing time.
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