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Default Re: Eurobasket 2013

Originally Posted by millwad
It's a shame that so many players aren't playing but I'll definitely watch the tournament.

It's still high quality basketball and Sweden has for once qualified. Although the Swedish team is very weak beside Taylor and Jerebko it will still be alot of fun to see them go against great teams.

I think Sweden's future is very bright and I couldn't be happier for Jeff. He's always been extremely good he was definitely better than all of us when we played for the youth national team but making it to the NBA is really an amazing accomplishment. No one in basketball Sweden could have guessed.Couldn't have had happened to a better person either, really nice and humble guy.

Enough about Sweden though, I'm really excited to see Lithuania play, Jonas and Donatas are two very interesting players.

Is Anton Gaddefors playing for your NT ? He played in Radnicki few seasons ago few seasons ago, he isn't that good but I guess he would is one of the best Sweden players ?
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