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Default Re: Eurobasket 2013

Originally Posted by Lebowski
Right, even with the players not in the tournament, this must be the toughest group, agree or disagree?

How good are the Italians today? Last time I saw them play was when eurobasket was in Sweden, and two of my favorite players where still active, Galanda and Bulleri. I think they beat France that time.

Group B is the toughest IMO.

Italy is missing a lot of key players because of injury - Bargnani, Gallinari, Hackett, and Mancinelli. Additionally, there's the problem of Belinelli thinking he's Kobe and chucking every time he touches the ball when he suits up for the Azzuri. They have talent but I'm not sure they make it out of their group unless they start clicking.

Those previous Italian teams with Basile, Galanda, and Bulleri playe so much better as a team and actually performed to their potential.
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