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Default Re: Eurobasket 2013

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
List of players that won't play

Spain: P. Gasol, J.C. Navarro, F. Reyes, S. Ibaka, N. Mirotić

France: J. Noah, K. Seraphin, R. Gobert, R. Turiaf, Ali Traore, M. Pietrus, R. Beaubois, I. Mahinmi

Russia: A. Kirilenko, T. Mozgov, S. Bykov, V. Hryapa, S. Kaun, A.Voroncevich

Greece: K. Coufos, N. Calathes, S. Schortsanitis

Italy: D. Galinari, D. Hackett, A. Bargnani

Serbia: M. Mačvan, Z. Erceg, V.Micov, N. Veličković, D. Savanović, S.Birčević, V.Lučić ( not 100% sure but he probably won't play because of injure), M.Teodosić ( he might go but won't be ready to play at first few games and probably won't be ready to play more than 10mpg)

Germany: D.Nowitzki, C. Caman, T.Olbrecht, D. Shroeder, E.Harris

Slovenia: E. Lorbek, P. Brezec, B. Udrih

Croatia: Z. Planinić, M. Banić, M. Popović, K. Lončar, R. Stipčević

Lithuania: S. Jasaitis, P.Jankunas, S. Jasikevicius

GB: L. Deng, B. Gordon, J. Freeland, P. Mensah-Bonsu

Ukrain: A.Len, O.Pecherov, K. Fesenko, S.Lischuk

Georgia: Z.Pachulia, T.Shengelia

Montenegro: N. Peković, V. Dragičević, M.Todorović

Latvia: D. Bertans, A. Biedrins

This is a older list so some player migh not be named.

A lot of absent player will make this very weak Eurobasket

Diamantidis, Lojeski, Tomas, etc. Ben Gordon? He never played for Great Britain so why would he be counted as an absence? You can't count Mirotic and Ibaka as an absence. Only one of them is eligible to play for Spain.

This isn't a very weak EuroBasket. That's complete bullshit. The rosters of most of the teams are very, very strong.

No way in ****ing hell is this a very weak EuroBasket. Other than Spain, Serbia, Great Britain, Russia, and Germany just about every team is stronger or as strong as they were in recent tournaments.

Vast majority of the teams are stronger than they were in recent tournaments. Sorry man, but you just posted a huge and enormous bullshit to claim this is a very weak EuroBasket.

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