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Default Re: Eurobasket 2013

Originally Posted by millwad
Sweden has been unlucky though.

They could have had a starting line up that would look like this;

PG: Rudy Mbemba
SG: Taylor
SF: Jerebko
PF: Markota
C: Lampe

Rudy Mbemba was a basketball prodigy who definitely would be drafted in 2010 if the idiot wouldn't have pulled out of the draft thanks to the advice of his agent. He then fell of the charts big time and he ended up in Sweden and now he's not playing at all, he's taking time off basketball.

Markota was a swedish basketball product with Croatian origins and he left Sweden to play ball in Croatia and he obviously wanted to play for Croatia rather than for Sweden.

Lampe played for the same team as Markota in Sweden and he later chose Poland over Sweden. Sweden actually had an honest shot with Lampe but it didn't work out.

With an intelligent Mbemba, swedish Markota and Lampe and obviously Taylor and Jerebko Sweden would be a top team in Europe.

The proposed team you talk about would not even be a top 12 team in Europe. Get serious.
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