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Default Re: Eurobasket 2013

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Diamantidis, Lojeski, Tomas, etc. Ben Gordon? He never played for Great Britain so why would he be counted as an absence? You can't count Mirotic and Ibaka as an absence. Only one of them is eligible to play for Spain.

This isn't a very weak EuroBasket. That's complete bullshit. The rosters of most of the teams are very, very strong.

No way in ****ing hell is this a very weak EuroBasket. Other than Spain, Serbia, Great Britain, Russia, and Germany just about every team is stronger or as strong as they were in recent tournaments.

Vast majority of the teams are stronger than they were in recent tournaments. Sorry man, but you just posted a huge and enormous bullshit to claim this is a very weak EuroBasket.

I just copied this list from an some article from few weeks ago I didn't write it. Diamantidis stoped playing for NT few years ago so he doesn't count. Mirotic was offered to play after Ibak said no but he didn't want to so they both said no to Spain NT.

Spain is much weaker than before and I don't think they'll take the gold.
France is missing Noah, Turiaf, Gobert, Traore etc. so they don't have good C. Against Spain they were playing Lauvergne as a C but he is a pf and can't defend stronger Cs.
Lithuania had a lot better guard rotation las year because of Kaukenas and Jasikevicius and until JV shows he became great player I will consider them weaker than in 2011.
Serbia, Germany, GB, Russia are clearly weaker but so are Italy (no Galinari,Bargnani or Hackett) and Turkey (their best players are old now).
Macedonia also has an older team now and won't be good as in 2011.
Slovenia will also be worse because they won't have Lorbek who is their best player, same goes for Montenegro because they won't have Pekovic.

So tell me what countries are better than in 2011 ? Greece probably is but othere than that I don't see any othere team that is goging to be better than before ( and I'm not talking about instead of loosing all games you win 1 or 2) ?
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