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The Jazz should give Boozer one more chance. He fills a role that no one else can fill on that roster. He's a banger and plays inside at all times. Utah played very well at the end of the year, when he was in the lineup. The Jazz have been very busy this off-season and look dedicated to winning. They re-signed Harpring, who is tough and the heat of the team. He's also a good shooter. They also acquired Fisher, who gives them shooting and will play combo guard off the bench. He's also an experienced winner. They drafted Brewer who is versatile and was a solid defender in college. They now must sign one or two reserves underneath and they will be set. There have been rumors floating about signing Sogaulia or Van Horn. They also are pondering over re-signing Collins. He's a solid resolve, but should not be paid for.(2.5-3million at most) I know Boozer has been dissapointing thus far and he low-balled Cleveland, but when healthy he's very productive. Utah should keep their roster as it is now next year, with the exception of signing around 1-2 reserve big men. If they do, I see them winning the division and making the playoffs.
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