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Default Re: I watch myself during sex

Originally Posted by gigantes
haven't you ever seen the congregational practices of the hump-a-lot aquatic frogs in action? youtube it, bro.

haven't you ever seen dogs, cats and other mammals under the spell... not just that, but the range of deviance they introduce? google it, YT it, YTMD it, etc....

haven't you ever watched our close cousins, the apes, at the zoo? nothing is out of bounds for them! if they want to combine feces-flinging with successful sexual outcome of choice, do you have a problem with it?

do you realise that the higher cortical regions of the HSS brain is somewhere between 2x to 3x the size of the other apes? what do you think the likelihood of sexual habits, practices and 'degeneracy' would be upon the field of the massively-increased grey matter and white matter?

do you think it would tend to become MORE complex or LESS complex, dondadda59?

I don't know about all that. I just really like to peep my hulk smash. I wish my partner of the moment aka jump off would let me record it.
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