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Default Re: Eurobasket 2013

Originally Posted by millwad
Lampe played for the same team as Markota in Sweden and he later chose Poland over Sweden. Sweden actually had an honest shot with Lampe but it didn't work out.

With an intelligent Mbemba, swedish Markota and Lampe and obviously Taylor and Jerebko Sweden would be a top team in Europe.

Hey hey hey, lets not get too far, alright? :)

markota is a fvcking shit of a player. Hate that guy, even tho he played for Zalgiris and Ive seen 50+ games of his. Dude sucks. Lampe is good.soft, but good. Not my fav player tho.

And even with those aditions, I wouldnt call them a top 10 team in europe. No way.
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