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The worst parts about the game from what i hear are things that i don't give a fukk about. Apparently the online gaming is slow and freezes a lot and is terrible. Well, I don't play my reaction to that is:

There are also complaints that some plays in the playbook are impossible for the defense to defend...well there's an easy fix for that...don't use those plays lol.

The most important things to me is the ability to control the players:

1. When using the ball carrier... Do i have good control over the player and which direction he's going in? YES, FOR THE MOST PART. Is there a lag? NO. Can i cut when i want to and where i want to? YES, MOSTLY. In collisions, does it seem real and dynamic or does it seem like we get locked into the same old tackle animation no matter what? IT SEEMS REAL AND DYNAMIC. The bigger RB's will fight for a few extra feet when getting tackled by smaller defenders, etc.

2. Passing...this is simple. Does the QB release the ball when I want him to or is there a lag? IT'S QUICK. NO LAG. Can i lead the ball in the direction i want to? YES, AND MORE SO THAN IN ANY OF THE PAST FEW MADDEN'S I'VE PLAYED.

3. WR route running (well you don't actually control this but it's important): The WR's run pretty good routes and make realistic cuts. The DB's seem to react appropriately, and sometimes get juked out or just simply get burned because they aren't fast enough or were in a bad position to start from. In previous Madden's it seemed like the DB would literally just mirror the WR wherever he went and it was kind of stupid. Not this year.

4. Run blocking: This is done well and its fun to follow your blocks.

5. Pass rushing: This is the only part where i don't enjoy. It seems like i don't have control over when to try a swim move or in which direction i want to go in. Or maybe i just suck at it.

So in terms of the straight up on the field play, this game is good. The career modes and online modes and stuff may be weak, but i don't care about that.

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